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Let me survive

What should I do? And Why should I?

It’s your need or mine, or it’s wish of the divine?

If I get what I wish, it’s no more a wish..

If you get what you want, you increase your demand..
What should I do? And What would I get?

What would I do with what I get??

God Money Power Name? Peace Content Security Fame??

You give me what I don’t desire.. How do even they inspire!?

What should I do? And for Whom should I?

What I do for myself, will go with me..

Whom I do it for, will too leave me..

Either give me a reason for my life or let me alone and let me survive..


Not expressing

Wanting to write but don’t want you to read.. Though I know you care, even if wound won’t bleed..

I talk to myself and ignore you, coz I wouldn’t transfer this pain to you..

Trying to do a lot or atleast something.. But at the end, I am doing nothing..

Skipping meals and losing health, wish I knew to take care of myself..

Disconnecting call when you wanna take care and then looking for you and wish you were here..

My endless thoughts and chaotic mind, hope rests in peace and give me a life..

What’s wrong? What’s right? Is always a fight.. Don’t need answer, just hold me tight!

I know it might just take some time, but one day I will fix it all.. Then for sure I will be with you and that day smile will express it all!!