When do you feel most satisfied?

When you achieve something? When you attain some fame?



Have you ever felt more satisfied than the time when you eagerly awaited for the response of a girl and she pinged. At that time even a “Hi” from her makes you feel more satisfied than any other thing you could imagine on earth (let’s not talk about what you are imagining about her). This cannot be mere satisfaction, this is chatisfaction.


When do you feel most relaxed?

When you come home and sleep? Or when you are free in office and you sleep at workstation only?

Please think again!!

Do you remember the times when you were stuck in exams or a presentation in office and you had to pee? You waited entire half an hour or even one hour (poor you!) for the meeting to get over and then walked out of the room as if you were fine but you knew what you were going through. Then increasing your walking speed to almost running, you reached the urinals and released your bladders. Now that’s Pelaxation.


Have you ever got this strange feeling when you check out from the hotel room and you get this feeling that you are definitely forgetting something. You give all your efforts by even checking the drawers you knew that you never used, removing pillows under which you never kept anything and even bathrooms. I don’t understand, what can you possibly leave in your bathroom that you will have to regret later? This feeling that you are forgetting something in hotel room is not horrible, it’s hotible. (Frequent travelers would understand)


Have you heard someone who stammers?

You think, you don’t?

I realized the truth when I was talking to a beautiful girl. Her beauty filled up the mind. You don’t get to know whats happening, and suddenly you realize that you can’t stay mum admiring her beauty when she is asking something. You open your mouth to reply and you beautammer!!


Everytime you are about to do something, your parents think you can’t. You open up your mouth with a new idea from your mastermind that you think will change your life (and sometimes the universe!). Your parents fill your ears with their advice. When they are done with their advice, you wonder what a pathetic parental advice it was! Actually, it is a parvice, which paralyze.


Though you might have wasted your entire day doing nothing, or for that matter, entire month, year or even life! (Now please don’t count what have you really done in your life) But still when it comes to boarding a flight, you plan for those 2 hours as if they are the most crucial 2 hours of your life. You carry book, laptop, tablet and everything is planned perfectly. Atleast planned perfectly! Still when you get down from the flight you feel you have wasted it, but actually you have flasted it.


Do you also go through this feeling just before publishing your blog, that it is going to get ignored. I am getting a feeling of blognored. But you know what? I would feel great if any of my wordovation finds a place in dictionary, in a few years down the line (or maybe in one or two years).


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